We are running Arcserve 9.01 on NW65 SP4A (which is now OES, of course),
with all updates applied to Arcserve. When we restore files to a volume
(creating all directories, all the way to the root dir), it assigns
correct ownership permissions to all the base dirs *except sometimes*
the very last dir that is restores. Also, all files and subdirs
underneath are not assigned the correct ownership permissions.
Instead, the account that submitted the backup job becomes the new
owner of these files and directories!

The user that submitted the job has Supervisor Object rights on the
tree, and there are no IRF's. Just in case, I assigned him Supervisor
Object Rights to the server itself, and both the AQ6_.. and
AS_BACKUP_SERVER accounts, as well as added him as both a User and
Operator to both of these accounts. This means that he has full file
system rights to all volumes. He is a Super User in the user profiles
in Arcserve.

The user obviously has enough rights to assign an owner, because most
of the directories off the root dir are given the correct owner. It is
just that last directory to be restored and all files/dirs inside that
do not get the owners changed!

I cannot tell if this is a problem with the backup or with the restore,
either, because I do not see a place anywhere in Arcserve Manager where
you can view the owner of a file or dir inside of a backed up session
(although it used to show you these for each file and owner in the
object properties box in AS6!).