Please confirm whether Arcserve 9 and 11 works for LSIMPTNW.HAM driver. We
are using the new HP Proliant servers, Netware 6 SP5, DAT72 autoloaders.
Looking at the CA website compatibility matrix for Arcserve 9, they don't
list LSI, though I also want to confirm that LSI and Symbios are unrelated
(read somewhere that LSI=Symbios...). I did install arcserve and it would
load and recognise the tape drive without any problems, but I'm unsure
whether I should risk using the onboard LSI adapter, or use a seperate SCSI
card (e.g. Adaptec).

Of course, CA have not returned my call or email, so I'm still waiting for
their response. I'm hoping that either the website is not up-to-date or that
there is a patch available. Thanks in advance.