Hi all,

We are experiencing a weird anomoly since we updated our GroupWise server
to NW65 SP5. The server in question also hosts the Backup Exec 9.1 tape
solution and, since SP5, has been unable to find any objects to back up
under the "GroupWise System". The switches for TSAFS and home dir's for
TSAFSGW are both correct and unchanged from their previous SP4a
environment, and yet the mechanism simply will not play ball. The only
glitch that I could find after the upgrade was an incorrect entry to the
HOSTS file (that was not there in the previous version) and this has been
manually corrected (a space had been inserted in one of the host name
entries). I have checked the SMDR and NDS state-of-play and it all looks
OK. All other aspects of the backup process work fine (remote servers
included). I have also temporarily back-revisioned the TSAFS.NLM to its
SP4a version, to see if that helped ..it did not.

We tried disabling Backup Exec early on, and replaced it with NetWare's
native SMS mechanism to see if fingers should be pointed at Veritas, but
the same problem persists ..Everything except the TSAFSGW-enabled session.

This one has me stumped. Has anyone got any ideas?

Thanks in advance.