We have been using Novell Netware since the late 80's. We currently use
Netware 4.11. At one point in our history (early 90's) we used
the "LARCHIVE" AND "NARCHIVE" commands to backup and restore data from
our server. Most of this info is stored on 3.25" & 5.25" floppies. That
tells you how long ago it was. We now want to recover all of that old
data from the floppies and transfer it to newer and more accessible media
such as CD's or DVD's. However, there seems to be a problem. I cannot use
the "LRESTORE" and "NRESTORE" commands from a DOS prompt. I'm getting a
message that the commands are not recognized. I'm now running Windows
2000. I really need to be able to recover the information from these
floppies as it represents a big chunk of our firm's project history (we
are an architecture firm). Can anybody help me out with this problem?