I've already been in touch with Veritas/Symantec, but thought I'd give a
go here.

I use BE for W2K 10.x (build 5520) on my media server. I backup 8 W2K
servers and 2 Netware 6.5-SP4a (one is my file and print, the other hosts
my ZEN 4.x and GW 7.01 <beta>). After updating my servers from NW-SP3 to
NW-SP4a (and tsa5up18, tcp and nss updates), my restore dropped to 40 MBs
a minute. PRevious restores worked fine. I'm still getting 767 MBs a
minute during backups (anti-virus is turned off), but my restores have
dropped to the afore-mentioned pathetic level. I've been working with
Veritas for about the last 10 days...nothing has changed. My next move is
to rebuild the server and re-install the NW agents and see if that offers
any relief. On the W2k Boxes, I get about 200+ Mbs a minute for restores.

Has anyone else had a problem? SP3 seemed to work fine. Any thoughts?