I have been experiencing problems with BackExec ver. 9.1 & 9.2 not
loading correctly in the autoexec.ncf when the server loads. I was
hoping the upgrade would have fixed the problem. I have been working
with Symantec with this issue with BE not loading correctly for a month
now. BE support just wants to put a Band-Aid on the situation. It a
timing issue when BE starts. I do have the “bestart” command at the end
of the autoexec.ncf, and even used a delay up to 340 seconds and still
had problems with it loading correctly. I started having this problem
when I installed the sp4a for NetWare. I now have sp5 installed on all
of the NetWare 6.5 servers now. Has anyone else out there had this
problem? I will be putting several delays in the autoexec.ncf to see if
I can come up with a temporally solution. My option on using the several
delays method is a not a good fix to address the problem BE not loading
correctly with the newest version installed. BE starts and loads fine if
I load it at the console screen when the server is fully up.