Just started to setup Backup Exec to replace Acrserve. When we backup
Windows server we get 400-500 but on NetWare we get 200-300.

Running a mix of NetWare
5.1 sp6
5.1 sp8
6.5 sp3

We know the 5.1 sp8 backed up much faster then 5.1 sp6 so we are
planning on upgrading but we are not getting over 400 on those. We just
started on the 6.5 sp3 and its at the high end.

Set delayed tcp acknowledgement = off but did not see any real improvement.

We are using the open file agent to get GroupWise. Unloaded it on one
server and used TSAFS with GW enabled. No real improvement.

Seems like we should be able to get better speeds in that Windows
servers provide a better speed and the setups in terms or hardware are