Hi people, wonder if you would help me please.

I have a Novell 5 server and because my tape backup drive broke I'm using
a workstation with full Volume rights to back up the files on the Server.

I'm trying to use the built in backup tool in windows xp pro

But when I back up files from the server the bkf file that results is way
too small and when I restore some files from thet bkf file they are like
ghosts of the originals.

They are all 4kb in size when some of them should be loads of megs.

It's like it's only copying the indexes or something and not the whole
file itself.

I dont appear to have any problems if I use the same tool to backup files
from my c drive.

I'm backing up to an external Iomega Rev 35gb drive via usb 2.0

In the past I have backed up (and restored) from and to a server using
this method with no problems and then something happened and the above is
the result

What's going on?