I have a problem with Backup Exec 9.1 (rev 1154) on the NW65SP3.

We have robotic library with a carousel for 6 tapes.

When brand new tapes are in the library and full backup is performed,
the tapes are not used in order (see the tape in slot #2 below), and
moreover, one of the tapes is not used at all. The following is an
excerpt from the BE administration console (Robot inventory).

Slots In Robot
Number Media Label Media Description
-?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????
1 DAT_037 Full_b Created on 02/04/06 1
2 DAT_041 Full_b Created on 02/04/06 1
3 DAT_038 Full_b Created on 02/04/06 1
4 DAT_039 Full_b Created on 02/04/06 1
5 <blank media>
6 DAT_040 Full_b Created on 02/04/06 1
???????????????????????????????????????????????? 2006/02/05 19:04:18

In the time of this screenshot, an alert was active, saying "Please use
the import utility to insert overwritable media in slots 1 - 6 of the
robotic library 'HA:2 ID:6 LUN:1 ARCHIVE Python 06241-XXX' for job

We then performed tape Export/Import for the slot #5 (the same blank
tape remained in the slot), and the backup job had finished.

Could anybody give any suggestion how to solve this behaviour?

Thanks in advance,

Matrtin Strobl