We have (finally) upgraded to OES Netware 6.5/Groupwise 7/Zenworks.

We have not bought tape devices for backup but have elected to use
Ingrasys 8400 NAS devices with capacity over 1Tb, one local, the other
at our Primary campus 1km away with Gigabit fibre between them. One will
auto-mirror the other. They have gigabit connectivity to the servers.
We would like to use RSync for backup. I know this is being done
elsewhere but not sure of the exact methodology. Not being a unix guru
the instructions for RSync for Netware do not break in clear to me.
so advice from the enlightened would be appreciated.
If RSync can't do it, what other means could do backup to the NAS devices?
The NAS box emulates a NW3 server, a Windoze server and does NFS,
unfortunately NW specific things that will use server - server paths
will not work with it. Obviously we don't want to backup by routing
data through a Windoze workstation. There is some kind of proprietary
mirroing protocol (for all I know it's RSync or a variant) that does
the mirroring operation between the NAS boxes, but there seems to be no
way to access that.
We are using NSS volumes, so as I understand it, there is an XML file in
each that contains the trustee rights? We have 3 replicas so NDS is not
a huge issue but there are plenty of ways to back that up somewhere.

Open to suggestions folks. The budget for this is essentially zero,
it took all we could manage to do the upgrade of software and hardware.

Geoff Roberts
IT Support
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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