I have a Dell PowerEdge 2600 running Netware 6.0 SP5.
I am backing up the server with Veritas 9.2 using an LTO2 tape drive.

The backup starts OK and continues for a while, when the networking will
freeze - sometimes.

The server is still running and has not locked up or abended. I can switch
to any screen at the server, but cannot unload BackUpExec. Noone can login
or do anything on the network. MONITOR.NLM indicates 45% usage or so
(but there are 2 CPU's, so probably one is running at 90% or more.).

I have to reboot to solve the issue.

Attached is the config.txt output of config.nlm. When backing up this
server OFM v9.5 by St Bernard is also running, but sometimes I get the same
symptoms when it is backup up a remote Windows 2000 server, w/o OFM being
loaded at all on the Netware server.

Thanks in advance for all your help