Just added a 2nd server to the mix. Now need to back it up over the lan.


Server 1
HP ML370G3, 3GB ram, HP SDLT160/320, 1000K copper, HP Procurve 4108GL
switches, Arcserve 11.1 (no sp1 yet). RAID5, HP 642 raid controller, HP
15000k rpm, 72GB scsi drives, NW51SP8, Netshield 4.62 with daily scan
starting at 11:00pm (on-access scanning, incoming only)

Server 2
HP ML370G2, 2GB ram, 1000K copper, HP Procurve 4108GL switches RAID5,
HP 532 raid controller, HP 15000k rpm, 36GB scsi drives, NW65SP4a,
Netshield 4.63a (on access scanning incoming/outgoing)

Our current performance of backing up Server1 directly to the attached
SLDLT is as follows:
Starts at 10:20 pm
Server 1
SYS: 114,664 files, 8,232,406 KB@631,642 KB/min backup: 15 minutes
Virus scan was working during the following
VOL1: 255,898 files, 93,597,122 KB@105,260 KB/min backup: 3.50 hrs
VOL2: 106,323 files, 8,287,872 KB@144,095 KB/min backup: 1.00 hrs
VOL3: 6,789 files, 4,272,809 KB@378,124 KB/min backup: 15 minutes
VOL4: 42,516 files, 29,645,921 KB@402,069 KB/min backup: 1.25 hrs
Server 2
SYS: 56,9046 files, 1,436,819 KB@ 26,781 KB/min backup: 53 minutes

Tonight, we are turning off netshield to allow accurate testing without
the affect of the virus scanning.

Still, the backup speed over the wire seems real slow.

What speeds can reasonbly be expected and what recommendations can be made?

Thanks. Cliff.