I have recently run a backup of my live tree ( using eMbox form
the command line. I have copied these files to my DR/LAB tree of the
same name and when I run the restore command: (sample locations of

dsbk restore -f sys:/backup/backup.bak -l sys:/backup/backup.log -e -r
-a -o -n -v -k

I get a message stating that the restore was successful but it took 0
seconds. There is no information in the DR/LAB Tree. No matter what I
try I can not restore the Database.

The DR/LAB tree is exactly the same name as the live tree but it only
has 2 servers in it, one replica with 1 Master. I am using DSBK so I
can do an unconditional restore, no need for Replicas to be online

Can anyone spot what is wrong or has anyone experienced this before?





ReggieBoy. :)