Ya my problem is going to sound bad,

We have a server running nw6sp5 with BackupExpress 2.3.2, it has a single
LTO1 drive inside. Everything seems to be setup right because we can get
backups to work. But the problem occurs when there is NO tape in the drive
and the job starts.

What happenes is we get the following abend....

Abend on P00: Deadlock detected waiting for spinlook currenty owned by CPU

So what we have done so far is, setup a second server the same way (same
service packs) the only thing different is that it has a DAT72 drive and not
a LTO1, and I can not get this server to abend by forgeting to put a tape in
the drive. The job run's errors out that the tape is missing and then
everything is ok.

Have contacted Syncsort, and as good as there support is they have no fix -
now that I have set up a second server I don't think its a problem with
there software. I want to say it more a problem with our server. I have
compaired the NLM's and versions loaded on both and they are 100% correct.
They also use the same NIC and Driver (right now they are setup to Auto
everything) was thinking of hard coding them as 10 or 100 and tring that.