Anyone using rsync v2.6.3 to do a NetWare to Linux remote backup?

Here the background,
One evening the rack where 4 servers a switch and router and UPS
resides substained a static shock big enough to cause all systems to
either reboot or shutdown.
The client lost their gateway server and that was replaced, during
this period of 1 week all their backup seems to either be corrupt or
the unit had faults. Of course no one noticed until I needed to do a
restore of the entire system due to a array crash and burn of the
NWSBS6 server.
After getting a new server and setting up the RAID, plus installing
the new version NWSBS66 on the server I only wanted the data back and
the GW to do the graft. Using ArcServe r11.1 I was able after a 10 hr
merge to get most of the data, but the remote backup had the latest
and I did a restore using ncp on the SLES9 server, now this took
about 2.5 days to get over 100GB + of data and GW files downloaded to
the new server.

Now that it's done I need to restart the rsync to do remote backup
again. The problem is this I've got the backup started using the
following command:
rsync -rRutzvp --volume=gwmail: ./

This is backing up the data across a VPN connection to a SLES9 server
in my office.
My question is since the rebuild and the restart of the remote backup
it appears the backup is refreshing all the files not just the newer
ones. Does anyone know why is this, our volumes are over 40-100G
large and if this is the case I'll have to take the remote backup
server to the site and do the backup on the same cable over a weekend
vs over the vpn which is taking so far 15 hrs to do 1 volume and it is
still going.
Any ideas?