I suspect something is up with the rights/trustee assignment for the
"Chey Vsvr ServerName" user that is on my server.

What rights should that user have. Or what files/folder should that user
be a trustee of?

I am getting the following when starting AS9.01
"NLM ASDB : E4205 BrightStor ARCserve database file ASJOB.DB failed on
integrity check"

I have tried recreating the Database per CA support....with no luck.
After cooling off and thinking about it over the weekend I looked at the
problem with fresh eyes this AM.
There is discussion about Btrieve and a LOG file/folder on
SYS:\System\MKDE which does exsist but checking that User does not have
rights or is a trustee

The server was in an abend cyclye last weekend and I am recovering from
that (restart after abend was on)
NDPS Manager had some rights issue that I have corrected so I suspect
that now with my AS not starting.

DSrepair has been run and all seems well.
NW6.5 sp5 (applied to NW6.5 sp3cpr that had the abends)