This is a question that has been bugging me for some time.

If you take a point-in-time image of a NetWare server, using Ghost or some
other method, then assuming no configuration changes are made to the server
in the mean time, what would happen if the server crashed several months
down the line, and you used the image to restore the server back again?
Would eDirectory go crazy as the replica info is months out of date? or
would it just simply sync itself back up again?

How do others get over the problem of restoring servers? The procedure
i've always followed is:

1. Remove all objects referring to the dead server from eDirectory.
2. Remove the dead server from any replica rings it was a part of.
3. Reinstall the server using the same details as before i.e. server name,
IP address, etc.
4. Add back any replicas the server had previously
5. Restore any data volumes to the server.
6. Reinstall any services the server had previously i.e. iPrint/NDPS, DHCP,
ZENWorks, GroupWise, etc

This has always seemed the best way to me, as i've always assumed
eDirectory wouldn't be happy having a full server backup shoved back in.

Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated.