I am posting this in two forums to try to get it in the right place. I
have a NW65SP4a server, running out of space. Added a drive to the raid,
then added a second SCSI drive to SCSI controller, and created an empty
pool. Used VCU to copy traditional volume Vol1 to new NSS pool. VCU
failed to change the names of the volumes. I changed the names manually
using a variety of methods, making a royal mess in the process. I did get
the volumes renamed, deleted the vol1_old and traditional volume, created
new NSS Vol1 pool in the raid, and used VCU to move the data back to the
new pool. VCU again failed to change the names, so, since they were both
NSS, I used NSSMU to change the names. Restarted server and fixed a few
problems (NDPSM database and a couple of file copy errors).
Ran dsrepair –lots of errors. All fixed…except…..
I have three principal groups. Two groups attach to their home folders in
the new Vol1. The other group attaches to their home directory on
Vol1_old. I have verified that login scripts are correct, rights
are “right”, and files saved go into home folders as above (I can compare
the same directory side by side).
Ran disrepair again. Noted 2 errors where dsrepair names Vol1 to
Vol1_old, and then immediately renames it back to Vol1. It will do this
everytime. These symptoms led me to look in Knowledgebase TID
10054618.htm, where my problem seems to be corrupt volume objects. The
solution in NW51 was to delete the two volume objects in NWADMIN, then run
disrepair a couple of times to generate new objects. I was very worried
about rights being recreated, so I duplicated the problem as close as I
could on a test server. When I deleted the volumes, each user lost rights
to their home directory. There are other apps and files on Vol1, and NDPS
resides there, and I’m worried about those rights as well.
Found Trustee.nlm on CoolTools, installed as directed on test server.
When I invoked, with line “load trustee save all vol1:\sys\trustee.log” it
generated a trustee.log that only said that it couldn’t generate output
file(with error message 35228/0/0)and closed trustee.nlm. Did the same
thing on the “real” server.
I need to find out how to preserve these rights. I can see and copy/paste
the data back and forth as needed, so I’m not losing it, but obviously
need to finish the job. Any suggestions? If someone has documentation on
trustee.nlm, or another (free) utility, I could sure use the help.
Sorry for the length.

Russell Breedlove
Swain County Schools