We have netware 6 sp5 and tapeware 7 sp5c. We have recently restored our
server to new hardware from a tapeware backup which was fine. However since
we did this tapeware no longer selects and backs up the files in one of our
two user directories although it works OK for the other one which does not
appear to be any different and is on the same volume.

It allows us to select it in the backup window where we can see all
subdirectories and files, but once we set the backup running it doesn't
count the files or back them up. Restoring the directory gives us an empty
directory. There are no error messages or warnings.

We run all jobs as netware admin and have checked that this account has
full rights to the directory. It successfully backs up the other user
directory on the same volume and is able to restore it. We don't have any
filters set.

Windows explorer can see the files correctly and we even tried our old
version of arcserve which also has no problems with them. We can't see any
reason why tapeware can't see the files. Has anyone any ideas.

Lindsay Maxwell, Computer Systems Administrator
Department of Computer Science, University of York