Here's the problem.

I can create a backup in the arcserve manager. I am able to see all of my
servers under the Network/Netware Services drop down lists. I can select
all of my volumes/folders to be backed up just fine. If I save the job
here, everything works ok. However, we have purchased the client agents
for each of our servers and I would like to be able to use the interleaving
features and such that the client would provide. So I go and modify the
job, and on each server, I right click and choose use agent. I fill in the
ip address and save the job. Everything looks ok, until I look at the job
log. It shows for each server the ip address of! When I try to
modify the job again, I am unable to make any changes to the agent at all
and of course the job fails. This has been an issue for me ever since
arcserve 11.1. I am currently using the latest service pack and the
problem persists. Any suggestions?