# Netware 6 SP4
# Veritas BackupExec for Windows 9.1.4691

I'm trying to verify whether or not our backup solution is doing what it's
supposed to do. I'm restoring a production server in a test environment,
using only backup media. The problem I'm having is in restoring the

I can sucessfully restore the Schema and volumes, but when restoring the
Tree every entry has the error:

Access Denied to File (or Directory)
Error writing SMS data stream

I've read a lot of threads on the Veritas support site and in the Netware
forums, and some of the solutions seem contradictory.

The Veritas site states that starting with NW6 SP4, TSAFS should be used
instead of TSA600. Several articles indicate that backups may be
incomplete when using TSA600 with any installation of Netware after NW6 SP4.

A Netware "Cool Solution" article indicates that TSA600 should still be
used with NW6 SP4, and that TSAFS should only be used in tandem with BackUp
Exec "For Netware" - Not BE for Windows.

Can anyone set the record straight?
And is this the root of my restore issue, or am I missing something?

I'm concerned that my backup jobs that claim to be a "Success" are anything
but. And if put in a situation where I had to restore a server outside of
the Tree, I'd be up a creek.

BKUPEXEC.NLM currently loads TSA600.

Versions currently installed:

TSANDS 10551.46
TSA600 6.00.08
TSAFS 10210.22

Any information would be greatly appreciated.