Hamish told me to post also here.

Hamish Speirs wrote:

> Cliff,
> Your NLM Highwater mark is more than twice your current footprint -

1GB vs 512MB. Was some other NLM loaded that could be using a large
amount of memory?

ADS.nlm (Advantage database server) can grow to as high as 80MB from low
of 26MB (+50MB) because we have allowed that setting to grow. In the
least 2 days, seg.csv reports that it grew once to 56MB which likely was
related to a reindexing job. I normally returns down to normal. We
have allocated up to 50MB of growth but can control this.

What is causing the problem, based on seg.csv is the nlm FSTAPE2.nlm,
which is a component of Arcserver 11.1. We have nwagent.nlm loaded on
this machine.

NWAGENT configuration settings are the defaults:

Transmission threshold: 4KB (in testing on a test server we had this
at 64KB (max))

Number of 64KB buffers: 8 (in testing I think we had this at 64
buffers (max))

FSTape2.nlm as recorded during the backup seg.csv readings

FSTAPE2.NLM = 116578197 3 prior readings
FSTAPE2.NLM = 130443157
FSTAPE2.NLM = 139360149
FSTAPE2.NLM = 186832789 2:15am
FSTAPE2.NLM = 253974421
FSTAPE2.NLM = 388888469
FSTAPE2.NLM = 485398421
FSTAPE2.NLM = 491714453
FSTAPE2.NLM = 499439509 4:45am
Then no longer on the map.

So this accounts for the 500M increase in the high water mark.

That is a sizeable increase in memory requirements.

When we originally had the default for ADS.nlm of the setting not being
set and limited to 50MB for additional cache, it used up to 50% of
memory at load time (which is a startup and memory really has not be
accurate), this number jumped up to 500MB also and it abended the server
in ads.nlm and zlss.nlm (NSS).

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>>> This is the question
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It this controllable as likely it will cause a problem?

Can this amount for Arcserve 11.1 be controlled. Hamish in no longer
familiar with this.

nwagent.nlm is version 11.1sp1 but Arcserve 11.1 (w/o service pack) is
being used on the AS server and we are backing this server via the nwagent.