I am having issues with how fast our backups are and I was wondering if
other people were experiencing the same problem we have.....

Basically we run full roaming profiles for all students and so we have
millions of small files (around 1k each) that are stored in the windows
workstation profile or we redirect them to another folder inside the users
home directory.

We are using Legato Networker 7.2.1

When I run a backup of our applications volume that will run at around

When I run a backup of the user home directory volumes that will sit between
0 and 2-3Mb/sec. Mostly around 600-800Kb/sec.

We are looking at skipping the windows NT 5.1 workstation folder using
legato's nsr.dir files but we still have a large number of small files that
are redirected into another folder because they are required to be
kept/backed up.

What are other people doing for exclusions? Are there files that most
people don't backup?

Being a University it is hard to say we won't backup mp3's cause they might
be doing a Music paper, or jpg's cause they might be doing Design Studies,
or any other excuse....

In the past we have always taken the approach - we'll just backup everything
just in case someone needs something.... But this is proving to be too
difficult to get backed up at the moment.

I would also like to know if others have similar types of data and might be
using a different product that gives them adequate throughput.

Thanks for your time,

Mark Goatley
University of Otago
New Zealand.