Hi all

For a long time now we have been trying to get Yosemite Backup Standard 8.1
to do a sucessful bare metal disaster recovery on a Netware 6.6 SP3 or 4

We have also found that Novastore and HP rebrand this product as their own
.... and we can't get this to work either !

The thing is this whole sorry tale started with Tapeware 7 bundled with a
....... HP DAT 72 drive

We have tried the support lines for all three companies but are getting
nowhere !

We have briefly looked at Arcserve (no OBDR) and BackupExec could not get
these to work either !

So my questions is has anyone got a WORKING BARE METAL DISASTER RECOVERY
solution for Netware 6.5 SP3/4

Thanks in advance

Andrew Kennard