I have a mixed netwaork with several NW5.1 servers and 2 5.0 servers.
This weekend hopefully we will be adding a NW6.5 server and upgrading a
couple of the 5.1 servers. We will then start to get the 5.0's data moved
over and in a few weeks they will be no more. At this time, I intend to
keep a mix of 5.1 and 6.5 servers. I currently have one 5.1 box with a
200/400 gb ultrium drive and AS11.1. I also have a 5.0 box with AS6.6 and
40/80 gb. The 5.0 will be going away and honestly I'll miss it because I
always got more consistent results from it and the software allowed me to
do incremental and NOT change the archive bit. But it is on it's way
out. I am at a point where I would entertain DLT, SDLT or Ultrium(LTO I
guess) and I would buy AS, Backup Exec or whatever you suggest. I'm just
trying to plan. What do you think?