I just found that the backup job on our server under Arcserve Brightstor
11.1 is "frozen".
This happend during backup, after more than 7'000 files and 170 MB it stayed
on a file during 20 hours!

Message of SYS$LOG is:

23.03.2006 1.05.05 : SERVER-5.70-4631

Severity = 3 Locus = 18 Class = 6

WARNING! Server GERINE02 experienced a critical error. The offending process
was suspended or recovered. However, services hosted by this server may have
been affected.


I could not dismount ARCSERVE properly with an ASTOP but I could stop the
server with a DOWN.
After restart of the server, everything ok but until when?

The same happened fifteen days ago, not on the same file, but also during
Since we installed this new server, we had about 40 good backups and 2 bads.

We installed an other server a month earlier (same machine, same NOVELL and
same Arcserve Brightstor) and we never had that problem.

What do you think?

Many thanks for each input.