Hey folks, I'm sure someone out there must have the same config.

Dell PE 2600, Adaptec 39160 from Dell, current system BIOS
revision is A10 latest avail from Dell is A14. Our customer has an
Exabyte VXA-2 external drive attached to the SCSI. Using SMS
backup and NWTape.

Since 6.5 sp1 backups have been a bit less than stable working for
some period of time then usually after doing a major 6.5 service
pack they flake out and we are hopping six ways from Sunday to
make them work again. We had them working quite well in SP4a with
one minor exception, that being if we do a service pack or update
of any kind regarding the OS, do an SMS stop/Start the backups
will almost certainly fail. This doesn't seem to happen though if
we remember to open sbcon>storage devices administration>search
for the tape and escape out. This was livable so long as we
remembered that all important step.

After sp5 a similar issue with a slight twist. The backup job
finished successfully and did not disable the job, however there
was a reported device error suggesting a device failure which
we've had before, but we're not sure its the device failing. Go
into sbcon and device administration, it finds the device but not
the tape.

Shut off the device, do SMSSTOP, start up the device and SMSSTART,
enter sbcon>Device administration and search for the tape it may
or may not work. When it doesn't we reboot the server and bingo
its back.

Just wondering if others have had such issue. If not are you on
the latest BIOS revision for the server, adaptor etc?


thanks a bunch.

Martin Stepanek