Has anybody seen this message?

I just started receiving it since I updated lib6 to nwlib6f after
upgrading to ArcServer 11.1 sp1 from 11.1 after updating from NW6.5sp4a
to NW6.5sp5.

These updates were done over the course of two weeks... first the NW
Service Pack ... when I started having Backup/TSA issues, I updated to
TSA18... when that didn't fix the problem I applied ArcServe 11.1sp1 --
when THAT started causing LIB6 abends... I applied the LIB6 March 17th
2006 patch.

Now I'm getting a Data-Set error when ArcServe tries to backup... over
and over again, about 10-20 times a second.

I'm going to recreate the backup job and see if that fixes it, but I'm
highly doubtful...

Any thoughts... I could only find 3 posts on the web with this error
and two of them were duplicates... You'd think since there's a
legible error message there'd be some public discussion of this.