Using the New TSAFS.nlm /enableGW=yes combined with the latest

While running ArcServe 11.1 (or ArcServe11.1sp1) on my GroupWise 6.5
domain and post office, I receive the following error:

"error in opening data-set for backup"

The message scrolls by on the BrightStor ARCserve Run-time Message
Screen about 15 times every second. That's no exageration.

I cannot find any relevant information on the web regarding this issue.

This is literally the only message that mentions this error. Nothing
on CA's site either.

Has anybody seen this error before? It calculates the correct
estimated size of the domain and the post office and all the volumes,
so I'm not sure why I'm having this issue.

I tried to create a fresh SYS:ArcServe/database directory using the
EMPTYDB directory...

If I flip things back to GWTSA I can get the GroupWise data backed up
without issue, but my DATA and SYS volumes do not completely backup.
In the middle of the DATA volume backup the system either hangs and
requires me to power it off using the power switch or the backup just
freezes and requires a forced shutdown of ArcServe and then I have to
eject and reinsert the tape in the DLT drive to get the tape drive to
reinitialize so I can perform another backup.

Any thoughts?

Thanks --