We have arcserve 11.1 loaded and nwagent loaded on remote server. It
appears to have been inadvertently loaded in the 11sp1 format.

Netware 6.5sp4a

We can connect to the agent and it appears to work fine via the arcserve
manager from 1 or 2 machines. On the two other manager machines, when
we try to modify the existing job, we see an IP address of If
we try to add a machine, it cannot get the connection.

We created a second job and then that machine can connect and properly
received the job. However, on the machines that previously
worked, we see the nw agent machine (items with items selected) as with another netware machine showing with nothing

We can delete the machine and readd the machine, but on the next machine
the same thing happens.

It is possible that the inadvertent sp1 loading of the agent could be
the culprit, but has anyone seen this situation.