I have been using Arcserve 9 with very poor results so I am looking for a
new backup solution. I have never tried Novell's backup (SMS) products so I
am wondering how well they work. I have set up a new NW6.5sp5 (with newest
tsa patch on all servers) that has enough hard disk space to back up the
servers I need for one week. I have another remote server that I had been
using with enough disk space plus a Quantum Tape Loader to archive jobs. So,
what I want to do is back up to the server that is on the same LAN nightly
then during the day back up the nightly backup to the remote server's tape
drive. Here's my laundry list:

1. Will SMS back up to a disk device?
2. Can I back up multiple servers AND NDS?
3. Will it back up a GroupWise system?
4. Any suggestions that work, besides ArcServe?