Dear all,
we are using Novell 6.5 sp4 on 2 Servers.
For backup , we use backupexec version 9.1
At the moment we have some problems concerning backup of the Groupwise
We load the tsafs.nlm (version tsa5up18) on the Mailserver (with the
gw flag enable), on the backup server (different one) we can not see in
backupexec administrator console any groupwise agent (like before with
gwtsa). It is normal ?
Question 1: Should we load tsafs on Backup server ?
Question 2 :Should we see Agent in backup exec ?

I test the following recovery procedure :
I restore all the data from the post office , on a separate location
(like Novell groupwise documentation).
When i try to open the restore copy (by groupwise client) i receive the
groupwise error c067.
If i replace the nwguard.fbk file, with the actual one of the post
office, i can open the restore data but only very few email can be
found (might be only the deleted Email ???).
Thank you for any information or idea