While troubleshooting a restore issue, I was poking around the sms/smdr options
in iManager and accidentally changed smdr.cfg to include the node's IP address.
I reverted back to the old version, did an smsstop, smsstart, but EMC/Legato
Networker still cannot see the clustered volumes (there are 4 running on this
node currently).

The node is running NetWare 6.5 SP4a
I have upgraded to the Networker client for NetWare version 7.2.1.
(I was running version 7.2.0)
This was working fine last night, and is working fine on the other three nodes
If I migrate a resource to another node, Networker (on that node) can see the
resource. When I migrate it back to the troubled node, Networker cannot see it.
I have applied tsaup19
tsafs is loaded with the /cluster option
I loaded tsafs with /nocluster and could see the volumes (as local volumes)
I reloaded tsafs with the /cluster option
I have all the required entries in the hosts files
I have done a smdr new, making sure slp was enabled
I have done an "set slp reset=on" (while smdr was loaded)
"display slp services smdr.novell" lists all cluster nodes and volume resources

What am I missing?

I will be rebooting the node overnight to see if this helps.


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