We have been having some strange issues where the bacjup speeds drop to
nothing and CPU 0 is pegged at 100% activity.

Looking at the NRM displays I can see that SERVER.NLM is the top ranked in
activiyt, but under that I see BtrvAPI Worker 0 and Worker 1 both pulling
about 19%. Problem is there status shows as Blocked on Semaphore, and they
never change.

Looking through everything else I can find I get the following information:

Monday, 4-17-2006 12:37 pm
Available Logical Space on server has returned to the GOOD State
Current Value - 511MB
Peak Value - 466MB *
Max Value - 4,096MB
Current SUSPECT threshold = Less than 500 MB and Critical threshold = Less
than 200 MB
Current SUSPECT trigger delay = 45 and Critical trigger delay = 60

The server has 6 GIG of RAM in it and is using the startup switches -nl