hello newsgroup,

our Backup server (NW 6.0 SP5 with nwlib6f.exe, nw6nss5c.exe, ncp60sp5a.exe
and tsa5up18.exe) backs up every night 3 other NW 6.0 Server (same

ARCserve 11.1 is installed with SP1 on the backup server. The backup runs

But now this happens:
to increase the backup speed over the wire, i have tested the Universal
Client Agent for Netware on one target server. I have edited the backup
job to use the agent on this target server. after the next backup i saw
the the backup speed wont increase. So I decided to remove the agent
on the target server and edited the backup job back (no use of agents).
After the next backup, the backup hangs after completing the backup session
of this server (only volume SYS: exists on this target server). 100% of
files were backed up, but the session is stil active and AS hangs over
hours and days. I cannot stop the session backup, I have to reboot the
to stop the backup. No Error is displayed in ARCserve or on the logger
I had run ARCserve in debug mode to see if there are some messages at the
end of the session backup but nothing. On the target server the CPU
hangs at 86%. After rebooting this server too, CPU utilization is normal.
But after the next backup, the same error occures.

Thanks for any tips and hints!

Jens B.