I'm running Backup Exec for Windows Servers 10d sp1, using Netware remote
agent (bkupexec.nlm) 9.10 dated Jan 12, 2006. Files that are in use by
the server occasionally cause the backup exec job engine to crash. I ran
a number of tests on a particular folder that has an open log file, and
the engine crashed roughly half the time.

As a result of the job engine crashing, the media end marker is
unreadable and I can't reuse the media without first erasing its
contents. This is a very expensive problem! Any help would be greatly

netware 6.5 sp4a

bkupexec.nlm 9.10 dated Jan 12, 2006
tsafs.nlm 6.51 dated Aug 8, 2005
smdr.nlm dated 6.54.03 dated Aug 8, 2005

Backup Exec windows server is running novell client 4.91 sp2

Thanks in advance,