I am having a problem connecting to Netware remote agents.

I've installed a Windows BE 10d Media server on Windows 2003, I've also
installed a Netware 9.2 Media server on a NW6.5 SP3 server. I have
installed NW Remote agents on 2 other NW6.5 SP3 servers and cannot connect
to the remote agents from either Windows or Netware Media Servers. NDMPD.NLM
(9.20 15 August 2005) is loaded on both remote Netware servers.

All servers can ping all other servers.

When I go to do a backup from the NW Media server, the only server it sees
is itself.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, I plan to access an adic tape library from the 2 media servers (1
Windows, 1 Netware) is this possible?