Hi, I currently have a backup performance issue with Tivoli storage manager
and a Netware 6 sp5 server.

NW6 Spec:DL380, 2.5GB, dual 2.8 XEON (Hyperthreading off) with a ext4414
attached to a SA5312. Q57.LAN is v7.61 which I know is not upto date.

Am about to load Q57 v8.65 to see if this make a difference. Basically it
is taking 10-11hrs to scan about 800GB (1.7million files) of which only
2-5GB is incremantal backup data...

I have a virtually identical server with smaller disk space, this is
scanning 400GB and backing up 1-2GB daily (1.1Million files) which is
taking 1-2hrs.The Q57 on this is lowley v7.05.

Don't know if there are issues with the higher revision of drivers ? We
have just put roughly 200 extra Gig of data onto the server and this is
when we started noticing as the backup impacted on the normal working day.

Any advice appricited, thanks Paul.