I'm running a dedicated backup server - NW6.5.4a and Arcserve 11.1 (it
was 6.5.5, but I went back to SP4a to see if it helped any...). All
other netware servers run NW6.5.5 and the 11.1 Arcserve Agent.

The setup used to work OK circa NW6.5.3 - ever since I've had issues.
I've applied SP4 and SP5, and both the TSAUP18 and TSAUP19 updates.
This upgrade cycle was an effort to cure the usual errors during backup,
which I see elsewhere in this group. (stalled jobs, error releasing
TSAs, errors opening directories, etc)

I've tried installing an older SMDR (Version 6.54.02 17 May 2005) to all
servers. I'm also running the PerformanceNonNakoma stuff to try to cure
various TSA related errors.

I did go to AS11.1 SP1, but things were so bad (INTRLEAV abends mostly)
I backed out.

Right now the file/print server seems to backup OK, but the 2 groupwise
servers I have often abend/reboot part way through the backup process.

My question is, which versions of the SMS/TSA files are my best bet for
stability? Back revving SMDR on it's own just doesn't feel right to me,
TSAFSGW would be nice, but it's not really a big deal.

Paul W.

P.S. all servers have 2GB RAM, and manually assigned memory for DS/NSS,
as per the memory fragmentation/tuning TID. Haven't seen any memory
related error messages for months, so I don't think thats the issue here...