We are looking for a new backup solution. Please advice.

Money: not unreasenably low

Server's: (Current)

1x Novell 6.5, 200Gb Raid5: File and Groupwise 6.5 (7.0 coming)
2x Novell 6.5, 36Gb Raid1: Bordermanager 3.8
4x Windows 2000/2003, 36Gb. No data on the server, disaster recovery needed

Plans for the near future:

Separate server for Groupwise, 144Gb Raid1

Plans for the future:

a SAN.

Backup-window: 6-8 hours.

Currently we do full-backup's, every day. Partly because it is easy,
partly bacause we still can but mostly because it allows us to have some
tape's off-site without the inability to restore from other tapes. (with
full + incremental backup's, you need the full-tape onsite until the
next backup).

Direct questions:

- is a separate backup server a good idea
- What tape type's
- is a library a good idea
- which software

Thanks for any advice

Thomas Roes