I'm looking for a way to get the SERVDATA.NDS (Server Specific Information)
file created on some NetWare 6.5 servers that don't have local tape drives.

The objective is edir restore following hardware failure.

Given SERVDATA.NDS and DSMISC.LOG I beleive you can use NWCONFIG to
re-establish the links/associations between the server and its edir objects
(NCP Server, volume, etc) - is this still true for NW65/eDir87?

The backup utility used (NetBackup) does not provide an option to backup
Server Specific Information, therefore SERVDATA.NDS is never created.

We therefore want to use SBCON to schedule a job that will do this for us.
As we have no local tape drives, we'll need some sort of tape emulator
loaded on the servers to get the jobs to run successfully. I know there
used to be some sms tape emulators for NW4x and 5x - anything for NW65?

Any other suggestions for recovering from hardware failures without
breaking edir object associations?