We are having problems with Brightstor as when we open Brightstor
Manager on a Windows PC to manage Brightstor on our Netware Server, we
can choose our default server okay, which we had trouble with in the
beginning until we changed the port from 111 to 200. But when we go to
Job Status, we can't connect. We can't seem to find out what is
blocking this from working. There are no firewalls between the
workstations and the server. Also what ports does Brightstor use for
Job Status, Backup, Restore? This might be able to help me a bit more
so I can work out why. I have been speaking with CA about this, and the
support guy said he can't help much more until I make sure nothing is
blocking the workstation as the Job Status, backup part of the manager
use different ports to the 200 or 111 port that catirpc uses.

Thanks in advance,