I have novell 6 service pack 5, groupwise 6.5 sp 6 , brightstor arcserve
backup for netware 9.01

When I do a backup of my volume I have this error:

Failed to begin scan for directory VOLUME:\NETWOR~1, ret=fffdffd1, conn=2

The correct name of this directory is :
Network Trash Folder
Why the name of the directory is break off?
This error doesn't happen on each directories but only on this.

Support CA suggests me to apply the latest tsa update (tsa5up19.exe) from
Novell to eliminate these Issues.
Can I apply the patch without problem?

Currently I done system groupwise backup by brightstor arcserve using
gwtsa and therefore with tsa600.

If I apply the patch tsa5up19.exe can I continue to use GWTSA without
change nothing on the job of brightstor?
Or am i forced to put in practise the TSAFSGW?

I hope that I 've explained my question clearly enough my English is
very poor, I'm italian.

Best Regards