been having a "sudden" problem w/ arcserve 9.01 running on nw6.0 spk5,
backing up a "remote" nw6.5spk3 server. Got a new LTO-3 drive
recently, (attached to the nw6.0 server) and it was running great at
first. then the throughput started to get slower and it
takes days to backup a 300gig volume on the remote 6.5 server. I can't
figure out what has changed to make this happen.

I'm thinking something in the job itself may have become corrupt, as an
incremental job I use will go very fast. I created a new job to do a
full backup, and it seemed to go fast, too...although, not stellar
performance. But reading through the other threads here, I wonder if I
shouldn't be making some adjustments anyway.

recently, we added an ISCSI san to our network. I added 1gb cards to
each server; the san is attached to this segment. otherwise, our
network is really a single segment lan. (192.168.1.x). so each server
now has a 192.168.x.x address, as well as a 10.10.10.x address,
(10.10.10.x is bound to the new cards). I assume that Arcserve can
communicate to other servers via this 1gb segment, but how do I know
that it is? can I force it? should I? I found in the asconfig.ini a
section called "available network cards", and each of the server's
interfaces is listed. (arcserve must have figured this out by itself,
as I don't remember adding it to the files when we installed the
additional network cards). Should I take out the 100mb/fd card, so
that only the 1000mb/fd card is listed?

should I be using the "client agent" on remote servers? we haven't had
a "need" in the past, as our remote servers are all on the local
(only) segment. I was under the impression that this was mainly for
really remote (i.e. "WAN") servers.

I'll be adding some of the other asconfig.ini and tapesvr.cfg tweaks
that I've seen discussed, to see if they help at all. (Wshots, Rshots,
buffers, etc) If there's anything else I should be doing, let me know!