I am trying to help a friend build a new server to replace one damaged in
Katrina. All is going well except the backups. I didn't get to pick the
hardware so I am using a SCSI card that I am not familiar with and I am
also not real familiar with Backup Exec, but like I said it's for a friend.

The tape drive is connected to a StartTech PCISCSIUW controller. I believe
this may also be known as an Initio INI-9100 SCSI HBA. In any event I
loaded the supplied drivers and they seem to load ok. But when BE 9.2 is
starting up I get an abend. If I disable the SCSI driver then BE loads,
but of course can't find any tape drive...

I looked at the service packs for BE and didn't see any that looked like
they might apply to this problem...

Is anyone familiar with this configuration and possibly able to tell me
where to start?