Arcserve 11.1SP1, Netware 6.5SP2

CA recommended to me to apply the patch TSA5UP19 and add two lines in the
section Netware Backup/Restore of the files Asconfig.ini, because i have a
message "fflush" in the log and slow backup.

UseMultipleReadThreads=FALSE ;default is TRUE
PerformanceNonNakoma=TRUE ;default in FALSE

First issue: i don't see Groupwise system in backup or restore, the problem
is SMDR include in TSA5UP19, go back to initial SMDR and it's OK

Second Issue: Server abend in tapesvr when i make astop, the problem is the
two lines in Asconfig.ini, go back to initial Asconfig.ini and it's OK (no
abend) but too slow.