Hi, running NW6 + SP5 and have just installed TSA19UP as part of our
patching schedule as well as TSM5.3.3c. This version now requires SMNUT.NLM
which is not part of the normal OS+SP5 build but is part of TSA19UP.

On reboot, we get the following error when the TSM Client (DSMC.NLM)
attempts to load via the autoexec.ncf,

ANS1035S Options file '\SYS:/TIVOLI/TSM/CLIENT/BA/dsm.opt' could not be found.

ANS0102W Unable to oen the message repository
\SYS:/TIVOLI/TSM/CLIENT/BA/dscenu.txt. The American English repository will
be used instead.

ANS1389E Initialization functions cannot open one of the Tivoli Storage
Manager Logs or a related file: \SYS:/TIVOLI/TSM/CLIENT/BA/dsmerror.log
errno = 6, perission denied

<NLM has terminated; press any key to close screen>

If loaded manually from the command line or via a NCF file it loads without
problems. Trying to load via an NCF file within the autoexec.ncf fails !!

Can anyone give suggestions as to whats broken.

Regards, Paul.