I have been looking into using external USB drives for backups. I am
doing this on my PC and it works GREAT! Now I want to try to implement a
similar system on a friends NW6.5 server. I know NW6.5 has USB support
but I am not sure how to make it work. Before I start messing around
with a live server I thought I would ask a few questions.

1. Is the USB support built in by default, or do I have to load drivers?
If so can someone point me to a TID...

2. Can USB drives be mounted and dismounted without having to down the

3. Has anyone done this, and if so can you point me to some docs that
might make getting started a little easier?

- Why? -

Primarily the cost and capacity (or lack thereof) of tape drives. I do a
lot of multimedia work and have always had problems finding tape drives
with the capacity I need. Changers give the capacity but are fairly
expensive. I can put together a 250GB external USB drive for about $110.
I bought 10 of them. I just plug it into a USB port on my PC and treat
it like a removable cartridge drive. No rewinding, no retensioning, no
head cleaning and the performance is not too bad.

All in all I am quite happy.