Sorry if this get posted twice. I can't see my previous e-mail.
We have several windows servers and NetWare servers. Some of the NetWare
servers are at different locations, these servers have an external tape for
backup at night time. In our main office we have three NetWare servers two
of then with an agent backing up to an external tape and the Windows servers
backing to a different tape. We want for our outreach offices to backup to
our main office. We are using Backup Exec 9.1. I read through the forums
that Backup Exec is not going to release a new version that the last version
is 9.2. Can someone suggest how can we accomplish backing up using T1 line
to one location? Backup to a server and then to a tape? What
software/hardware/Agents???? We are using Novell NetWare 6.5 Service Pack 5.
We also have GroupWise 6.5 soon GroupWise 7 on this servers. Before Backup
Exec we used Arcserver. Thank you.