noticing alot of "e3125" errors on one of my servers. NW6.0, spk5,
tsa5up18. reviewing past logs shows that its been going on for some
time. There are thousands of files that aren't getting backed up. the
log shows the following errors:
E3125 Failed to read
GRAPHICS:\JOBS\40\40735R~1\POWERP~1\HBCIMA~1\SEAFO D\F1.TIF's data set,

There were a few threads on this issue about a year ago...not much

The definition of the error code implies that the file(s) are open, or
that the backup user doesn't have rights to the files...neither of
which is true. (the user configured has admin rights). They are not
groupwise files, (no gw on this server). Some of the files are
compressed, and some aren't. there is no antivirus running on the
server. The files are not corrupt. (I've been able to open every file
I've attempted).

The volume in question is NSS with compression enabled, and local to
the server. and there are LOTS of mac files on the volume.

I have other servers with identical hardware that are not having these
errors...also have tsa5up18. one of these is 6.5spk3, the other is
also 6.0spk5...the 6.0 server shows no errors, the 6.5 had one, and it
was for some obscure file in the sys:mkd\logs directory, so I'm not
sweatin' it ;-)

I applied tsa5up19.exe to the server with all the errors, and it hasn't
changed anything.

anyone got any ideas?

only difference I can find between the 2 6.0 servers is that the
asconfig.ini has "disableperformance=true" in the "netware
backup/restore" section on the server without the errors. I'll try
setting that on the server with the errors, and see what happens.